There are stranger ways to make a living...right?

AS an interviewer, life can get pretty weird. I’ve often found myself in all sorts of odd situations. And while it's usually the A-list Hollywood types that people often ask me about, my favourite experiences have been with those further down the celeb pecking order.

Take the time I interviewed comedy actor Paul Shane in a Barnsley leisure centre while he sat on a garden chair and was surrounded by an enormous sack of crisps. I loved the TV sitcom he was most famous for, Hi-De-Hi, as a kid. I’d watch it with my grandparents and we would all chime the show's catchphrase 'Morning campers!' to each other when we were on our annual Pontins holiday camp weekends in the late 80s. However, this was one of those 'don't meet your idols' situations as sadly Paul was not in the best of moods. He was overweight and grumpy and I felt like I should never have approached him. I couldn't really blame him for his unfriendliness though, he was cooped up in a leisure centre cupboard room waiting to play Dame Trott in panto. It wasn't exactly the highlight of both of our careers.

Oh and there was the time I chatted to Eastenders' actress June Brown, who plays the long-suffering Dot Cotton, as she tried on a pair of her late friend and former cast member Wendy Richard's leather trousers, a few months after Wendy had died from breast cancer. Wendy's husband John Burns had organised a sell-off of all of her clothes to raise money for charity in a tiny room at the back of Selfridges on London's Oxford Street. To make matters even more surreal June was dressed as Betty Slocombe from 1970s sitcom Are You Being Served?, which Wendy had starred in before finding Eastenders fame. And me? Well I tried on a pair of Wendy's shoes and bought her old Blankety Blank badge for 50p.

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